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23 ways to turn one listing into multiple transactions

Here are 23 ways to both market the home and yourself so that you can turn your latest real estate listing into many future deals

By: Jimmy Burgess

You did it, you generated a listing! Now your job shifts to getting the home sold. An additional benefit of your new listing is that by using specific strategies, you should be able to generate additional listings and buyers as a result of the listing.

There are four stages in the listing process that offer unique opportunities to market both the listing and yourself. These stages include preparation time prior to taking a listing active, when the listing is active, while the property is pending and post-closing.

Each stage creates unique opportunities to showcase your marketing expertise while generating buyer and seller leads that can turn one listing into multiple transactions. The following are 23 ways to turn your latest listing into multiple transactions.

Stage 1: Marketing strategies during pre-listing preparation

Many listings have a time of preparation before the listing goes live in the MLS. This may be due to repairs being made, staging the home or awaiting professional photography. You should always follow the law for your area in regard to what is allowed, but here are a few unique ways to utilize this time to generate multiple transaction opportunities:

1. Teaser coming soon video on social media Creating curiosity and possibly finding a buyer for your new listing or another property can be accomplished through a teaser “coming soon” video posted on social media. Here is an example script you can use as an outline for the video:

I can’t wait to share details about my listing that will be coming to market as soon as (whatever is being completed). If you or someone you know is looking for a three-bedroom home with a pool located on the west side of town, message me to be one of the first people to receive details once they are all available. There will only be one buyer for your new listing, and this strategy has the potential to generate multiple buyer leads.

2. Circle prospecting calls to neighbors about the ‘coming soon’ listing Calling the neighbors near your listing during the preparation time for the listing is a great way to identify both prospective buyers and sellers.

This is an example script for the calls:

This is (agent’s name) with (agent’s company), and I’m calling the neighbors near (address of new listing) to let you all know that we are about to list the home for sale. We want to make sure the neighbors have this information first and that you have the opportunity to choose your new neighbor in case you have a family member or friend who might be interested in buying a home in your neighborhood. Would you like the details on this home to pass on to anyone?

Always scrub your call list against the do not call list, but this is a great way to engage with homeowners. Let them know that you would be glad to keep them informed about the sale of this home since it will affect their home’s value. If their home doesn’t come up during your conversation, a great closing line is:

We anticipate a lot of activity on this home. I’d be the worst real estate agent in the world if I didn’t at least ask if there is a price where you would consider selling your home.

3. Door-knocking the neighborhood about the ‘coming soon’ listing This is very similar to circle prospecting, but instead of calling, you knock on doors to speak nose-to-nose with the neighbors about your new listing. Having a flyer with details about the new listing with your contact info is a simple way to have something to give them when they answer the door.

This is a great way to build rapport and to meet several homeowners (potential listing leads) in a relatively short period of time on top of them sharing the details with any of their friends that are considering buying a home.

4. Send the ‘coming soon’ teaser video to your database Just like the teaser “coming soon” video posted on social media, this video is sent to your database. It is a great way to add value to your database and potentially double-side the deal. Mastering this basic strategy can lead to potential buyers in your database raising their hands to let you know they are ready to buy. Advertisement 5. Call your hot buyer prospects with details on the ‘coming soon’ listing This business is driven by real estate-related conversations. Calling your hot buyer prospects with details about your “coming soon” listing shows them you are going the extra mile for them. Whether this listing fits them or not, it’s a great time to engage with them to see if anything has changed or if they’ve seen any homes online they might want additional details about.

Marketing strategies when the listing is active.

6. Social media post announcing your new listing A listing going live in MLS is a marketing goldmine. Starting your marketing effort with a post on social media is a great way to prompt engagement with potential buyers or friends of potential buyers. These posts should always include a line that asks your connections to please share details about this listing with anyone they know that is considering buying a home.

This often leads to people tagging their friends in the comments. Following up with a private message to the people tagged is a phenomenal way to connect with new buyer prospects.

7. ‘Just listed’ postcard The reason “just listed” postcards continue to be utilized by listing agents is that they work. Like other direct mail pieces, the response rate is usually between 1 percent and 3 percent. But these are branding pieces as well to show yourself as an active agent working in the homeowner’s neighborhood. 8. Host an open house One of the best ways to generate both buyer and seller leads while marketing a listing is through open houses. Open houses create an opportunity to meet prospective buyers along with “nosy neighbors” that often visit open houses to get an idea of how their home might compare to the one currently for sale.

If you’re looking for the best way to generate multiple transactions from a listing, hosting an open house is the answer.

9. Door-knocking with an invitation to the open house This is another soft touch point that gives you the ability to meet other homeowners in the neighborhood. Setting a one-hour time prior to the public open house for neighbors to visit the house before the crowd is expected during the published time is a great way to easily identify the neighbors and, in turn, the potential seller leads during the open house.

10. Circle prospecting phone calls about the open house Letting the neighbors know about the open house via phone calls is another way to connect with the neighbors via an invitation to the open house.

This is an example of a script that can be used either on the phone or during door-knocking about the open house:

This is (agent name) with (agent company) we just listed your neighbor’s home at (address), and we are hosting an open house this Saturday from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. We anticipate a big turnout, so we wanted to let the neighbors know that we will be at the home at 10 a.m. if any of the neighbors would like to see the home and avoid the crowd. We hope to see you on Saturday!

11. ‘Behind the scenes’ social media content of the open house Documenting your preparation for the open house via stories on Instagram or Facebook is a great way to interact with your social media following. This also shows you doing the work, which in turn leads to trust as a professional. That trust is what leads to opportunities to work with your social media connections or their referrals.

A few example video ideas to share about the process include:

  • A video about prep marketing for the open house.

  • A video about putting up the signs.

  • A video about preparing the house.

  • A video showing a full house during the open house.

  • A video going over the results of the open house.

12. Short-form video of the home for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts Short-form videos are the most viewed type of content right now. A sped-up walkthrough of the home or a series of fast-moving photos with the home’s highlights are a couple of unique ways to capture a lot of attention with a small piece of content. The organic reach of these videos makes marketing your listing a tremendous opportunity to market yourself as well.

13. Unboxing video of new listing One of the most popular types of videos on social media is an unboxing of a new product or anticipated gift.

Brad McCallum, out of Calgary, Canada, was the first person I saw do a video where he unboxed his new listing. These videos typically start by holding a box and saying, “I can’t wait to share with you what I have in this box.” As the box is opened, the agent says something along the lines of “check out my new listing,” and the camera moves toward the box, fading into the new listing video.

This is a unique way to make your listing video and yourself as a creative agent stand out. 14. Post on a local Facebook Buy, Sell, or Trade Group Facebook Buy, Sell, or Trade Groups are local groups where thousands of people share whatever it is that they want to sell with the group. Many of these groups allow agents to share listings. This is a great way to promote your listing and yourself to thousands of potential clients for free.

15. Take advantage of your real estate sign Don’t underestimate the value of your sign in the front yard. It will generate calls and buyer lead opportunities. Make sure you keep a “Take one” box filled with flyers about the listing. Include a QR code on the flyer where people can receive something of value, whether that be other listings or a homebuyer’s guide. These are great lead magnets that give you the ability to give something of value while capturing the lead’s contact information.

16. Instagram Story with link to property details Short Instagram stories with a link to additional details and photos of the home are a great way to gain exposure for the listing and potentially capture leads. A website with a few photos available and then a pop-up box asking for the lead’s contact information to see more details is a clever way to give value and introduce yourself to potential clients.

17. Short-form video stories of a specific room or amenity of listing Telling the story of specific rooms or amenities included in your listing is a unique way to market the home. It also shows how you market homes in a creative way that sets you apart from other real estate agents. These short-form videos will keep you top-of-mind for referrals and repeat customers as well.

Here are a few ideas for videos:

Highlight the kitchen.

  • Tell the story of how the current owners enjoy the big backyard.

  • Show the room where the current family puts their Christmas tree.

  • Tell the story of how the large living room is a great place for entertaining.

18. Professional long-form video on social media tagging sellers Posting professional long-form videos of your listing is an outstanding way to show off the home and your marketing prowess. These videos often have over 70 percent watch time, which provides an extended period for you to build rapport with the viewer.

Marketing strategies while house is pending.

19. Social graphic announcing the listing as ‘under contract’ A social graphic with a pending banner across it is another great way to highlight the successful contract you procured for the seller. I would suggest congratulating the seller and thanking them for the opportunity to work with them. Social media posts that make the house or the client the hero are a way to subtly and professionally share your successes. 20. Host a going away party for the sellers One of the best ways to celebrate getting the home under contract is to schedule a going away party for the sellers. This could be hosted at your office or in their home if they prefer. Offer to provide food, drinks, and invitations to their friends and family. All they need to do is provide names and email addresses for anyone they would like to be invited.

You can share the expense with other service providers like a lender or home inspector, which makes this a low-cost way to interact with the seller’s sphere of influence while providing them a great way to celebrate the sale of their home and the next chapter in their life.

21. Send a pending postcard The reason so many agents send pending postcards is that it provides another touchpoint for homeowners with similar homes to the one you just listed and secured a contract for. Including a call to action, like, “This home had a lot of interest, so if you’re considering selling, we’d love to share with you the marketing strategy we used to help the sellers maximize the sales price of their home,” is a strategy that can yield results. Marketing strategies post-closing

22. Send a ‘just sold’ postcard Once the home is sold, a “just sold” postcard is another touch point for homeowners to receive some of the details about the sale of the home in their neighborhood. Including a call to action, like, “For details on the unexpected ways we marketed this home to yield the highest price for the sellers with the least amount of hassles, give me a call,” creates curiosity in the homeowner considering selling that leads to listing opportunities.

22. Request and share testimonials Tom Ferry has referenced the time we live in as “the review economy.” Meaning every review or testimonial you have adds value to your business now and into the future. Having a systematic approach to requesting reviews right after closing is a great way to compound the value of your closed listing into multiple transactions in the future.

Don’t let the opportunities your listing offers slip through the cracks. Take full advantage of every way you can to promote your listings and yourself. When you maximize these options, your business can’t help but grow.


Article originally published at on March 3, 2023:

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