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by Jennifer Rzeszewski

According to research by the National Association of REALTORS®, the vast majority of recent homebuyers say they would use their agent again or recommend them to others. But it’s also true that, over time, buyers’ keen affinity for their agent can fade. Some buyers even struggle to remember their agent’s name.

How do you remain top of mind and continue to earn repeat business and referrals? To make a lasting impression with your former clients, your follow-up efforts should adhere to three simple guidelines.

1. Make it useful. In addition to the yearly holiday cards, send a reminder that their home warranty is about to expire, or instructions for securing an energy report for their home.

Many agents pride themselves on being community experts. So why not leverage your knowledge and keep past clients informed about upcoming events, like the dates and details for local farmers markets or holiday celebrations? Or, if your recycling program is about to change, spread the word.

Send helpful landscaping tips in April and a yard cleanup checklist in October. When you focus on sharing information homeowners can use, the possibilities are unlimited.

2. Make it easy. Whether you’re sending physical mailings or digital newsletters, always consider what it’s like to be on the receiving end of your communications.

Do the links work? Are you asking recipients to enter a cumbersome web address? Try using a link shortener (like or incorporating QR codes to make things easier.

Since the pandemic began, QR codes have soared in popularity, and most people know how to use the camera on their phone to access a web page. Plus, short links and QR codes provide valuable tracking tools to measure your results.

3. Make it personal. Set up your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system so past clients are separated from leads and other types of contacts. Include data fields like closing dates so that it’s easy to send “Happy House-Aversary” cards. (If you’re an ABR® designee, you’ll find customizable versions in the Member Center, along with thank you notes, bottle tags, recipe cards and other tools for staying in touch.)

Instead of sending the same thing to everyone, address each recipient by name. Ideally, slip in a short, personalized message, too. It’s much easier to do this if you use your CRM to capture personal details about your clients.

Yes, many of these ideas take more time than mass mailings. But once you set up your systems, they will become increasingly easy to implement. And spending more time now will pay big dividends later.

Remaining connected to past clients is about adopting a people-oriented mindset and seeking out relationships to secure that forever client bond.

Jennifer Rzeszewski is the vice president of Member Development and the executive director overseeing the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC), the largest association of professionals focused on representing buyers. REBAC awards the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation. Learn more at


This article was originally published on RisMedia on December 21, 2021.

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