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Agent Teams: Create a $10M Pipeline of Listing and Buyer Leads

By Sherri Johnson, CEO & Founder, Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting

Most real estate sales agents and teams make the mistake of only speaking to and giving their time and attention to three to four “A-level” buyer or seller leads that they perceive want to buy or sell “right now.” If those three to four people don’t end up buying or listing this month, that agent ends up with a zero for the month for new listings or sales and we can’t survive on this, let alone hit financial goals year-after-year.

Agents spend hours and hours each week servicing this low number of clients and occupy hours of time doing research that fills up their week with busy work. To sell three to four-plus homes a month, your team really needs to have a lot of potential business in your pipeline to ensure that every month, you have clients going under contract. When you only have conversations with three to four people, it’s like having only three eggs in a basket.

It doesn’t work.

You go through the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride of making money one month and not making any the next. Sure, you get the occasional referral that buys or sells with you, but that doesn’t happen enough. And it doesn’t happen enough to make the kind of money you want or need to make. You can create your success by following my exclusive GoldMine Pipeline™️ Strategy for success.

Here are my best practices that will help dramatically increase business and your team members’ results: 1. Think of future business. Having a pipeline helps create future business, ensuring that an agent will have a continuous stream of actual listings and sales every month. All those people that aren’t ready right now, that are wanting to buy or sell in the next six months to two years, will eventually list or buy if they are on your worksheet. By having them on your sheet and looking at these leads as future business six to twelve to 18 months from now, you will be creating future business.

2. Stop getting ready to get ready. We must start before we are ready. You will never be ready, so you just must start your success right now. Jump into this and start building your pipeline immediately. The sooner you start, the sooner you will create success and make sales and income happen. 3. Fill the pipeline daily. We must continue to add potential buyers and listing prospects every single day. This is the most important action you do each day. Have a relentless focus on filling the pipeline with double the number of sales you want. Then work the pipeline list and get appointments with them.

4. Time block the money hours. The greatest thing about real estate is that it is flexible. The worst thing about real estate is that is it flexible. You must have an appointment with your phone and yourself every single day to prospect for more business to keep your pipeline full. Schedule calls and prospecting times in your calendar and commit. Realize that the most important time commitments are the tasks that create new business.

5. Monetize the total volume of potential business. Instead of just having a list of buyers and sellers, add up the total volume of business you have in potential listings and potential buyers—you will be ecstatic with the numbers. 6. Be consistent with action and disciplined behavior. Consistency is the No. 1 most successful tool of top agents, and it is the No. 1 most lacking trait of non-performing agents. Create the consistent behavior and you will watch your pipeline fill and then you will watch the listings, sales, closings and income start to happen and multiply.

When you want to take your business to a dramatically increased level, hiring a real estate coach can be the single-best decision you make. The return on investment of hiring a coach is accelerated and immediate results. A strategy coach will save you time and money and get your there faster. Schedule your 30-minute, free strategy call here to find out how Sherri Johnson Coaching can change your life and grow your team.

To request Sherri’s GoldMine PipelineTM Strategy Form that creates consistent, predictable monthly income, click here.


Article originally published by RISMedia on October 19, 2021.

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