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Genovations Realty provides its Agents with Productivity Playbooks in kvCORE

Genovations Realty is pleased to announce that its agents now have access to Playbooks through their technology provider kvCORE.

Joe Skousen, CEO of CORE Division explains, "In a broad sense of the word, a 'playbook' is a collection of tactics or methods that simplify an action, sort of like a best practice to-do list. It often just describes a documented, step-by-step process related to a repeatable task. What we’re doing at Inside Real Estate is quite different. We’re not merely writing out a playbook; we’re building these playbooks directly into our kvCORE Platform, and building on the principles that have powered our products for years - ease of use, automation, customization, and high-ROI."

These playbooks go on a deeper level as they are proven success strategies that are branded and tailored to real estate agents with a logical flow that makes it easy and fast to achieve the desired business outcome.

Agents can use these playbooks to simplify and automate the best practices of what needs to be done for certain tasks such as promoting a new listing, hosting an open house, engaging your sphere, recruiting, farming, etc. Think of it like a click here and do this, click here and do that, all in one place with the tactics that work. All the impactful set of features and activities are put into one simple, automated and streamlined workflow right in agent's dashboards.

All you do is hit play.

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