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Nosy Neighbor: A Good Thing for Realtors?

Nosy Neighbors in conjunction with farming? Sounds like an interesting program, but what is it?

Nosy Neighbor is a program that lets agents define an exclusive area with likely sellers with the goal of dominating dominate their local market by owning specific zip codes. The program automatically sends print, and digital marketing materials to neighbors of house sellers for prospecting with up to 300 touches per week.

The lead process is relatively straight-forward for farm marketing beginning with reserving a zip code that gives you exclusive access for an an entire year.

The next step is to download the app.

The Nosy Neighbor algorithm identifies high probability sellers using data from public records and other sources of information and then sends 100s of targeted email message, and 300 personalized post-cards and thousands of digital impressions on your behalf as an agent each month.

Engaging follow-up communication is made easy using the mobile application that automatically integrates with kvCORE.

More program features are listed below:


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