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Potential to work for us, and have US pay YOU!!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

“My brokerage only charges me $99 per month! There is no way you can beat those fees!"

We hear agents say this all the time.

So we did some research and found that all of those brokerages charge additional Transaction Fees, but they tell you to charge those fees to the client.

THE TRUTH IS, you can always charge your client for your company’s Transaction Fees if you would like, but you also don’t have to, so when brokerages pitch it like this, it can be misleading.

Here at Genovations Realty, we don’t want to make it seem like you have to charge your clients for the Transaction Fee, we leave that up to you.

We disclose to you exactly what we charge YOU, and let you decide whether you want to eat that or pass it on to the consumer.

Let’s look at some numbers so you can see how this looks side by side:

"WAIT! You said you are going to pay me?!"

I did, and I mean what I say. There are multiple ways. We have a few incentives that go out to our first 50 agents who join the firm so it literally pays to join now. Check it out!

“I HATE recruiting!”

Me too, and we do not push it here at Genovations Realty. We just want to show you an appreciation when you tell other agents how much you love working with us! You re highly valuable to us, and this is just one way we can show you how appreciated you are.

“What do you offer that will help me grow?”

Great question. We built this company to help agents grow their businesses. We want to offer income flexibility so you can be unique, but also offer you the things all agents need to run an effective and always growing business model. Here are some things you get at no extra charge!

There you have it. Genovations Realty is packaged just for you.

Let’s talk soon and see if we are the right fit for each other. We are looking for great agents that fit this model.

Come grow with us!

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