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Strategies to Boost Your Social Media's Content Visibility

What’s the point of having a social media game plan if your content isn’t getting in front of the right people?

Written by Jordan Grice, RISMedia’s associate online editor.

Promoting your brand and listings online is a fundamental marketing practice that agents embrace every day, but breaking through all the noise that’s crowding people’s news feeds can be challenging.

Whether you’re paying to promote your posts or looking to generate organic traffic to your accounts, here are a few ways to improve your brand’s visibility and reach on social media.

Engage Differently

From live videos to spark a conversation to simply responding to comments, you’ve probably heard all about the importance of engaging with your clients on your social media accounts. Take that to the next level by branching out a bit and exploring other pages and content that are relevant to your business.

Join conversations that folks are having during Live Q&As. Discuss market conditions, buying and selling, and any other information within your expertise with other real estate professionals. Not only will this generate authentic intrigue and interest in your brand, but it will also help build your sphere of influence beyond your immediate area.

Quality Over Quantity

Content is paramount to any social media strategy, but there is such a thing as too much. Posting three to five times a day may seem like a great plan, but if it isn’t generating the traffic you were aiming for, then maybe it’s time for a less-is-more approach.

Try spreading content out rather than posting about listings, testimonials and market commentary on the same day. Designate a specific day and time for a particular type of content and stick with it—consistency is critical. Spruce up your posts with a great caption that includes relevant and high-performing hashtags to expand its reach. Don’t forget to tag people and organizations when you post about data, testimonials or articles. That can also inspire others to post about your content and provide a shoutout, which is another great boost for your brand.

Pay to Play

As mentioned, there are opportunities to spend a little cash to increase the reach of your content on social media. The investment can work wonders for a new listing or event that you’re looking to drum up interest for. Depending on the platform, you can spend as little as $1 or $5 to expand the reach of your content to users that may not find it organically. For platforms like Facebook and Instagram, paying to boost a post can also provide additional features, including a call-to-action button and metric tracking. You can also link your boosted post from Facebook to your Instagram account, expanding its reach even further.

The list of ways to prop your brand up in front of more people can get pretty extensive, but the essential points to consider are staying consistent and authentic with your social media presence. Try implementing one or more of these strategies and watch your follower numbers tick up in no time.


Article Originally Published in Inman on October 15, 2021

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