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How to Win Over Today’s Sellers & Get More Listings

Download our free definitive guide on how to beat the competition, earn your client's trust, and win more listings than ever at the end of this article.

by Ideal Estate & Genovations Realty

Real estate agents are being challenged by record-low inventory levels, yet today’s hypercompetitive market doesn’t guarantee people will sell. Some homeowners wonder if they’ve reached top dollar value or if holding for a few more months is a better bet. For most, their #1 concern is finding another home to buy if they sell. To convince potential sellers to list, agents must have compelling, data-backed conversations about price that prove you’re an expert – and the right fit for the client.

This guide will show you how the right technology, and the right conversation, will set you apart from the competition, help you earn your client’s trust, and win more listings than ever.

3 ways to showcase your expertise and crush the competition

To create a wow client experience, you need winning presentations that let you roll with the punches and stand out!

Tip #1 - Tell a compelling story with data

Brokerages need agents who can establish themselves as someone who knows what they’re doing, and most importantly, someone who can sell a client’s home.

So, what would happen if agents could have a conversation with potential sellers and present data right alongside them?

Agents wouldn’t have to spend hours preparing a report. Plus, they’d never be taken by surprise when a client questions them about outlier properties that don’t show up in a traditional CMA.

Potential buyers and sellers want an agent they can trust. That means you need to address the conversation that’s already going on in their heads and offer perspective, clarity, and direction.

Tip #2 - Address your client's unique situation

  • Structure your presentation based on your client’s objectives.

  • Deliver your presentation in a format that’s most comfortable for your clients.

  • Match your presentation to your customer’s unique persona and deliver it in a way that’s aesthetically appealing to them.

Tip #3 - Seal the deal without using the same generic follow-up tactics

You’ve built an interactive pricing presentation, and you’ve tailored the presentation to your potential seller. Now what? Here’s the most powerful and effective way to follow up:

Use a compelling CMA with great presentation experience

Genovations Realty offers its agents CORE Present for free. Here's why it is so cool:

Reason #1 - It’s the first fully interactive pricing and presentation tool with intelligent behavioral tracking that helps agents secure more deals in less time.

"While other platforms simply take MLS informatin and make it look pretty, CORE Present is putting analysis behind hte data, setting hte stage for agents to have a compelling conversatin with their cleitns about value.Ths, in turn,is providing them more confidence going into the listing appointment." – MERILEE IVERSON, BRANCH MANAGER DILBECK REAL ESTATE

Reason #2 - It’s quick and easy for agents to use.

They can create an engaging CMA in under a minute or build a customized, fully-branded presentation tailored to their client’s unique aesthetic in under an hour.

Reason #3 - CORE Present lets agents focus on price and presentation instead of adjustments and keeps the conversation progressing towards listing so you never have to say “let me get back to you.”

Reason #4 - Real-time activity tracking gives agents insight into client behavior, plus a script for follow-up that closes deals.

Reason #5 - A built-in CTA at the end of presentations ensures agents are asking for the deal.

Reason #6 - E-signatures allow agents to get the deal signed then and there, whether they’re delivering the presentation live or in person.

Reason #7 - CORE Present is exclusively available to kvCORE users. This gives agents ONE central place to engage customers throughout their lifecycle. No more jumping from tool to tool.

Reason #8 - CORE Present + kvCORE gives agents a one stop shop to generate and nurture leads, win the listing, market their properties and more, all from a seamlessly connected tech ecosystem.

Win the listing, win the offer, and wow clients every time with CORE Present

Genovations Realty Offers All its Agents the kvCORE suite that includes CORE Present for free.

Download our Full Definitive Guide below!

Winning-Over-Todays-Sellers-CJ (1)
Download PDF • 7.85MB

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