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Welcome CORE Home: KVCore's New Homeownership Technology

At Genovations Realty, we truly believe in the success of our agents. We know that this industry is complex, and nurturing clients and leads is the most important part of a sustainable real estate business plan. That is why we took the calculated risk to launch this brokerage with kvCore, the leading tech platform on the market for real estate agents. Agent success should be a brokerage's main goal, and there is no goal higher than the success of our agents.

Read through this article to see what this means for our agents' futures. The Next Frontier: Homeownership Technology is exciting news, bringing automation to creating lifetime clients. The new CORE Home platform will roll out to our agents in 2022 as kvCore finishes the fine-tuning and launch the new product. The end result will allow our agents to compete with the likes of Zillow! This is what our industry has been waiting for and we offer it to our agents!

"CORE Home will allow brokerages and agents to finally be able to engage homeowners with a modern, tech-driven experience through the entire homeownership lifecycle, including these four cyclical stages of the homeownership journey:

  • Current Home: Helps consumers understand and manage their greatest asset with real-time alerts around home value and detailed local market data, along with visibility into their mortgage and insurance information, trends and opportunities to ensure they have the most competitive rates available. Brokerages and agents stay top of mind as a vital information source versus the homeowner going to Zillow or other sources every day.

  • Next Home: Provides agents’ clients with an intuitive, portal-grade home and market search and discovery experience tailored to the client’s life. From exploring their next move with an advanced search experience to insights designed to engage and “delight” with personalized results that evolve based on consumer behavior, homeowners can use tools to understand how much they can afford for their next home and get pre-qualified for a purchase. Brokerages and agents can finally provide a modern search experience that beats the large portals and become the first to know when consumers start shopping for their next home.

  • Buy & Sell: For brokers and agents with integrated services, active homebuyers and sellers get the convenience of monitoring their entire transaction in one place, with tracking every step of the way, including contingency removals, home inspection, appraisal, mortgage status, title and more. Brokerages and agents benefit by providing this modern, simplified experience that buyers and sellers have dreamed about for decades. These integrations will be powered by later releases of the CORE Service Connect add-on.

  • Move: Once the transaction is complete, homebuyers and sellers can tap into the help they need with moving companies, home improvement companies and services all within the same app they’ve used to manage their homes and transactions. Brokerages and agents build lasting client relationships with the all-encompassing, tech-driven app that gives homeowners instant and trusted access to everything they need to manage their move now and their home forever.

"Additionally, a fully integrated chat feature will ensure that homeowners can instantly reach out and interact with their agent at any stage in the journey, keeping the agent as the long-term homeownership advisor for the consumer.

“The consumer experience is paramount to the homeownership app,” says Macey. “Previously, there has been no single, personalized spot with the tools and information consumers need to create the kind of digital experience they desire—especially not one that works seamlessly with their local agent and all the parties involved in the homeownership cycle. Our new CORE Home technology is filling that void. What’s more, we can quickly empower the 250,000-plus agents using our solutions with these tools for their 100 million-plus consumer contacts.

“Filling a void is the key to all of this,” says Macey. “The best products should always solve a problem. And likewise, the best services are provided by people and offer a human touch. Combining these two attributes only further bolsters the success of brokers and agents” (1).

There is so much happening in this upgrade, it is best to read the article for yourself to get a better look at it all. Are you ready to grow? Come grow with the brand created to improve your life! We offer the premium level of kvCore to our agents.

CLICK HERE to read the full article.


(1) Welton, Casey. BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE. RisMedia. 7 December 2021.

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