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Handing Over Keys



Would you prefer to keep all of your commission income and even get paid to work with no brokerage fees?


The of a flat rate system with lucrative recruiting incentives makes us one of, if not THE most competitive commission plan in the Nashville area!!!

We are looking to hire existing real estate agents today!!!

WHAT WE OFFER YOU FOR FREE: (Total value $1,000/month per agent)

KVCORE - Premium Level Subscription: ($599/month value for free!)

  • FREE PREMIUM CUSTOM WEBSITE – Free customized IDX website branded to YOU! ($4,500 value for free!)

  • FREE LEAD GENERATION – Get FREE leads – No up-front fee, you pay ONLY when you close! ($250/month value for free!)


    • Tracks your leads and database

    • Automated drip campaigns

    • Make phone calls, text messages, and emails directly from your database

  • LISTING MACHINE and SOCIAL -Social Media Automation

    • Listing marketing at a click of the button

    • Free content weekly (up to 4x’s) to your social media pages

  • DASH CMA - Create professional listing presentations by simply adding the address and making a few        adjustments


    • Want to grow your own brand and control where your leads come from? Use the industry best lead generator to affordably create your own leads at the click of a button!

    • Create FREE landing pages for lead generation

    • Create FREE squeeze pages for lead generation

  • TRAINING - Proven on-boarding and training programs – No Fee

  • BACK OFFICE - Paperless transaction system connected directly to your kvCore sign on

SHOWING TIME - Concierge Level Subscription ($40/month value)

  • Dedicated call center for all listing appointments, focus on your customers and let a 24-hour service manage your inbound appointment requests!

  • Plus a dedicated concierge call center to set appointments to book your showings – No Fee



  • Sign-On Bonus - Close 10 transactions in your first year and receive a $1,250 sign-on bonus (Only offered to our 1st 50 agents)

  • Work full or part-time - Flexible schedule

  • Keep 100% of your commission - No Hidden Fees in our flat rate plan

  • Referral Bonuses  

    • Year 1 - Get paid $1,250 per referred agent who closes 10 transactions in their first 12 months with Genovations Realty

  • Retention Bonuses 

    • Years 2-4 - Get paid $500 per referred agent who closes 10 transactions each year they are with Genovations Realty (Only offered to our 1st 50 agents)

    • Year 5 and beyond -  Get paid $250 per referred agent who closes 10 transactions each year they are with Genovations Realty for as long as you both stay with Genovations Realty!


  • $500 Annual Fee - paid at your first transaction of each year cycle (Begins on your anniversary date)

  • $550 Transaction Fee - paid per transaction for your first 10 transactions

  • $99 Broker Fee - paid per transaction starting with your 11th transaction until the next year begins

  • Ask about our flexible plan for low commission activities!


Christian values define our culture.

  • Excellence – do things in a professional, timely and informed manner on behalf of clients

  • Integrity – Always do what is moral, legal and ethical

  • Communication – Clear, kind, prompt, and appropriate modes of communication

  • Self-control – Prioritizing the needs of our clients over and above any persona agenda

  • Attitude – Optimistic, hopeful, and determined to get our clients what they need

  • Humility – Never responding defensively, always slow to speak, quick to listen, slow to frustration

  • Knowledge – Having up-to-date information for our field of service, and ready to investigate or research for related client needs


We will invest in the right person with professional training, but you must have some minimum qualifications:


  • REALTORⓇ with local RealTracs MLS membership and account

  • Willing to work as an independent contractor – Work from home!

  • High School diploma equivalent or better


Click the Apply button and give us your information, and we will follow up with you!

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